SETAFIL® – 100% PES filament for glamorous looks

Noble gloss and brilliant colors

This yarn impresses with its unusually noble luster and brilliant colors, which hardly let the observer recognize any difference to viscose. In addition, excellent running properties, highest color fastness and the world's largest dye store for the Schiffli embroidery industry are convincing.

The following yarn counts and colors are available from stock:

Dtex 60×2 – raw | Dtex 78×2 – raw | Dtex 90×2 – raw, black (white, colored on order)

Dtex 120×2 – raw, white, black and 375 colors | Dtex 180×2, 180×3, 180×4 – raw (colored on order)



For noble framings

Our corduroy qualities offer all the properties known from Setafil (noble sheen, brilliant colors, highest color fastness) and additionally undergo a special smoothing process to achieve optimal running properties.

114 colors

We offer this quality in Dtex 180x2x3 - raw, white, black and in 114 colors.For the high-end user, we also offer, also promptly from stock, 114 matching coil colors.


Glitter and glamour

Metallic Soft

The special thing about our fancy yarns is that they are perfectly adapted to the schiffli industry and thus have excellent running properties. We have made them as soft as possible so that they can also be used in the very sensitive lingerie fashion industry. We have put together a selection of 74 colors for you, which we can offer you from stock without minimum quantities.

Metallic Spaced

Metallic Spaced is a distance twisted metallic yarn. In this process, a core is wound with a metallic film.The result is a very elegant look for high quality embroidery.Metallic Spaced is available from stock in 9 different colors.

Crystal Soft

You want to give your embroidery a gentle glitter without being obtrusive? Then this is exactly the right quality for you.The Crystal SOFT consists of a transparent core and is covered with 100% PES yarn. Accordingly, it can be used in disperse dyeing (e.g.: PES). The raw Crystal yarn is also co-dyed.The Crystal yarn is available in 6 different colors from stock.

Rainbow Soft

This thread, like the Metallic Soft, was trimmed for softness, so it is also suitable for the linen embroidery.We have 12 colors in RAINBOW SOFT fix in our stock program and are convinced that they also give a very special aspect to their embroideries.

SPUN – 100% PES fiber yarn with cotton looks

Cotton optics

Not always the embroidery should shine and shimmer, often it is a matte theme that attracts. Then cotton is needed, but what to do to prevent shrinkage during washing?

Polyester dimensional stability

This embroidery thread combines the look of cotton with the shape-retaining advantages of polyester. Imitate pure cotton embroidery or realize noble matt-gloss effects in combination with shiny Setafil threads.

The following yarn counts and colors are available from stock:

Ne 20/2 – Raw | Ne 60/2 – Raw | Ne 76/2 – Raw, White, Black and 114 colors.


ORION – 100% viscose rayon – filament yarn shiny

Better shape stability

Viscose - also known as artificial silk - has always captivated with its natural, silky character and was the No. 1 embroidery thread for decades.However, due to the poorer washing properties of viscose, it has been largely replaced by our "SETAFIL" quality, which hardly differs visually from viscose, but guarantees significantly better shape stability of the embroidery after washing.

However, viscose embroidery thread is still used for raw embroidery of cotton or viscose fabrics, which are subsequently piece-dyed or dyed as ready-made garments.Viscose we offer from stock in raw in quality Dtex 133x2. Colors are produced on customer's request.


AEROFIL – 100% PES textured yarn for matt/gloss effects

Color variations

Textured embroidery yarns are usually combined with shiny yarns (Setafil), creating exclusive matt-gloss effects and interesting color variations.The matte, puffy character makes this yarn equally suitable for lingerie, women's clothing, home textiles and children's clothing.

The following yarn counts and colors are available from stock:

Dtex 167/1 – Raw, White, Black (colored on order) | Dtex 900/1 – Raw, (White, Black, colored on order).



Water soluble sewing thread

Etching embroidery, also called guipure or air embroidery, involves embroidering on an auxiliary fabric that is released after embroidery.Often a water-soluble non-woven fabric is used for this purpose, which is sewn together in strips for industrial production. If this sewing together is done with a normal sewing thread, it remains in the finishing machine when it is washed out, clogging it.

The solution

To solve this problem, we offer you a 100% PVA sewing thread in Ne40/2 strength, which dissolves in the low temperature range at 20°C and thus leaves no residue when the fleece is washed out.

The yarn is available on sewing cones with 4,000 meters.

Spools and cones


After dyeing, the yarns are re-contoured or rewound into a variety of different presentations.

This is also done in-house and is a very important part of the final inspection.
Approximately 600 tons of embroidery bobbins are produced annually for the embroidery industry and shipped all over the world.


We supply other industries on cones from 250gr – 1,5kg.
In order to guarantee a constant quality also here,
the machinery of the coning plant was equipped with quality winding machines
Swiss SSM and Italian Fadis.


On RATTI and ICBT twisting machines we produce 150 tons of high quality twisted yarns per month.
The qualities processed range from polyester, viscose, polyamide and metallic yarns to qualities produced according to customer-specific requirements.
Raw materials are selected according to strict criteria and are checked for compliance with the parameters upon receipt of the goods.
Further quality checks are carried out during and after each batch so that only flawless goods leave the twisting mill for further processing.
The finished yarns are used in the Schiffli embroidery department as well as in the stepping, weaving, warp knitting and ready-to-wear departments.