Shape stability and natural look

SPUN - PES FasergarnSPUN - PES Fasergarn farbig

SPUN - 100% PES staple yarn with cotton aspect

Embroidery should not always shine and shimmer, sometimes matt is the subject that attracts.

Then, although a cotton look is on demand -  but what to do if the shrinkage has to be avoided in washing?

That is when our SPUN comes into play!

This embroidery yarn combines the look of cotton with the shape stability advantages of polyester. You can imitate pure BW embroidery or realize noble matt-gloss effects in combination with shiny Setafil yarns.

Below yarn counts and colours are available from stock:

» Ne 20/2 - Raw
» Ne 60/2 - Raw
» Ne 76/2 - Raw, White, Black and 114 colours