Pes-Yarn with a silky touch of viscose

PES Filament PES Garn Stickbeispiel

SETAFIL® - 100% PES Filament for a glamorous look

This yarn captivates with its unusual glossy finish and brilliant colours, which is hardly distinguishable from viscose.

Moreover our SETAFIL 120/2 convinces with excellent machine running properties, high colour fastness and the world's largest stock in colours for the Schiffli embroidery industry.

Following yarn counts & colours are available from stock:

» Dtex   60x2 - Raw
» Dtex   78x2 - Raw
» Dtex   90x2 - Raw, Black (White, colours on order)
» Dtex 120x2 - Raw, White, Black and 375 colours
» Dtex 180x2, 180x3, 180x4 - Raw (colours on order)