Burn out fabric

100% Viscose-Catton, chemically treated

Also known under the name burn out fabric is a useful fabric for the embroidery. Due to its chemical treatment the fabric dissolves (burns out) with heat of about 150°C and is finally brushed out and away afterwards.

In the Schiffli embroidery industry this is mainly used in Italy for the production of elastic fabrics in the embroidery industry or to produce guipure embroideries.

In the multihead embroidery it is generally used for embroidery of all goods that require a solid stable adjuvant to stabilize the embroidery.

The chemical treatment of our burn out fabric is done at the highest technical level and is subject to strict quality controls.

In order to guarantee freshly prepared goods, we do not keep stock of finished goods but only produce exclusively to order with a delivery time of 14 days.