Inexpensive and perfect

PolytexThat’s our bobbin in POLYTEX.

More and more our inexpensive bobbin is used due to the perfect price-performance ratio.
We offer this quality in following variations:

"POLYTEX 110/1"

Offers an enormous run length, longer by 40% with 350mtr / bobbin as Polymicro Ne76 / 2 bobbins.

This affects long lasting productions in a very positive way as on the one hand, the price per meter is much cheaper and secondly productivity increases due to less downtime for bobbin changing.

This quality we are able to offer in following sizes (TOP, P7 & P4) in white and in black in size TOP from stock.

"Polytex 150/1"

This quality has with 250mtr/ bobbin about the same run length as our bobbins in Polymicro Ne 76/2, but a far better price ratio. For production of inexpensive embroidery this would be the best quality to use.

These qualities are available in raw, white and black.