Research & development

INNOVATION as cornerstone of our company success

In a fast moving world, requirements are constantly growing in all areas.

The demand for new materials, increased environmental standards, improved function on faster machines, shorter delivery times, etc. need continuous innovation in products and services.

On the one hand our in-house laboratory enables us the research and testing of product characteristics. On the other hand our attention is focused on all operating areas in which customer value is created through innovation, such as:

» Offers for new yarns and colour palettes
» Stock availability
» Fluids to improve function on faster machines
» Electronically controlled colour car making for perfect colour measurements
» Soft metallic yarns
» Electronically controlled bobbin machine drives

More to come in the future with certain potential for development in the field of "smart textiles" is expected but also the continuous improvement of today's production processes will continue to challenge our innovative spirit.