... step by step ...

1993 founded from Dietmar Schweninger as One Man Show Company,
through innovation and strict orientation at the highest quality level,
the company succeeded very soon in the hard textile competition and
today employs more than 100 people across the Group.

1997 Moving into a larger company building – the basis for further expansion
2001 Formation of a Joint-Venture in Thailand - the „Setafil (Thailand) Ltd“
2002 Commissioning of yarn dyeing in Thailand
2003 Start of an own winding plant in Thailand
2004 Development of a new pattern winding machine
2005 Establishing the world's largest embroidery warehouse in Lustenau
2006 Availability of 375 stock colours in the quality "Setafil 120x2"
2007 Availability of 114 stock colours in the quality "Setafil Cord 180x2x3"
2007 Distribution Office and warehouse in Gallarate, Italy
2008 Availability of BOBBINS in 114 stock colours in the quality "SPUN 76x2"
2009 Availability of FANCY yarn assortment in 104 stock colours
2010 Acquisition of the machinery park from the Swiss Production Weishaupt
2011 Development of computer-controlled drives for the bobbin machines
2012 Expansion in production to 200 bobbin machines
2013 Foundation of China office - "Setafil (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd."
2014 Conflagration with destruction of 200.000kg yarns and 300.000mtr fabrics
2015 Start of sales with PES. ORGANZA in 68 standard stock colours
2015 Location of a new warehouse and distribution of our products in China
2015/16 Takeover of the ESCHLER Tulle production and distribution

Today's warehouse range includes 300.000kg of yarns and bobbins and about 1.000.000mtr of fabrics.