Staple fiber

114 colors from stock

Whereas in the past mostly raw, white or black was used as backing thread, today a color-coordinated bobbin for high-quality embroidery is already taken for granted as standard.To make this possible, we offer our quality "POLYMICRO Ne 76/2" in 114 colors from stock.

Color coordinated

The colors have been matched exactly to our stock range of Schnürli yarns, so that the visible bobbin thread remains almost invisible here.

We offer this quality in 114 colors in size TOP from stock.

On order, we are happy to produce all other sizes for you.



Polytex 110/1

Polytex 110/1 has an enormous running length, which at 350mtr/bobbin is 40% longer than that of POLYMICRO Ne76/2 bobbins.This has a very positive effect on large productions, since on the one hand the price per meter is significantly lower and on the other hand productivity is increased due to less downtime (fewer bobbin changes).

Polytex 150/1

This quality has with 250mtr/Bobine about the same running length as the Polymicro Ne 76/2 - Bobine, but at a much better price.If you want to create inexpensive embroideries, you should go for Polytex 150/1.

We offer these qualities in raw (sizes TOP, P7 & P4), white and black (size TOP) from stock.

Bobbin making

There are not many things as inconspicuous and complicated as bobbin production.

That’s why we rely on electronics and converted the entire production to electronically controlled drives in 2011.

Today, with 200 bobbin machines, we produce about 200 tons of bobbins per year in a wide range of qualities and sizes.

One more reason, also in this segment, to use only the highest quality and proven raw materials for our production.